Fun as a payment for the processing of personal data

Having received today the annual report from Google according to my timeline, and I understood – the cost of one of the most expensive assets of the world – personal data, is currently incommensurable low.

And the recent scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has proved it. The users of the social network are very carefree and, most importantly, for free. In that case they opened up access to the application “This Is Your Digital Life” and shared their data with an unknown developer. Yes, no doubt he (developer) did not specify the purpose of use. But users shared info easily, quickly and massively. And at the same time they were paid for the data!

You might ask – what is this fee? It must be millions or billions of dollars divided between users? Nowadays, when a short computer cipher – gibberish can cost more than a good used car, I mean bitcoin at the peak of its popularity.

No! This fee is an entertainment, a fun, a state that passes within a minute, well, max five.

google report on my time line
My google annual report for timeline 2018

Yes, it is this “gold of the 21st century” that now spreads to the right and to the left. And I, among other things, also give this “gold” for the price of scrap metal. There is something to think about. Or rather, there is reason to think that not only entertainment should serve as a price. I use, e.g., the geo-data register for reports, and maybe I will need them for writing memor in the future. But what can you get from filling in a primitive Facebook test? Think about it. And be vigilant.