Апгрейд для старых деревянных рам

Окна в доме это источник света и красивого вида, но также и слабое место в теплоизоляции.

Какие варианты существуют, в основном один, замена рам. Я придерживаюсь философии, когда замена это не решение.

Нужно продлить срок службы старых рам. И это возможно если заменить стекло на стеклопакет.

Замена на стеклопакет не простая задача. Для этого нужно снять раму. В моем случае это внутренняя рама, двухстворчатого окна. Вынуть стекло, разфрезировать место под стеклопакет. Покрасить раму, и установить все обратно, хорошенько прогерметизируя места прилегания.

Расходы на такой апгрейд у меня составили 68 евро на стеклопакеты (два), и до 10 евро на краску, штапики для окон и новые ручки.

Таки образом продливается жизненный цикл изделия, и сокращаются объемы отходов. Живём зеленее и умнее.

Апгрейд для мебели: полка

Удачно заехав в гости был найден старый шкаф черного цвета с некоторыми жёсткими доработками и дополнениями.

Полка была отдана безвозмездно и была немедленно привезена домой пока не передумали хозяева 🙂

было закуплено: черная доска доска и новые рельсы взамен старых пластиковых. далее была проведена некоторая разборка сборка и монтаж полок. на данный момент полки удобно выдвигается – задвигается лишь остается только подрезать чёрную полку сверху. И, главное, придумать механизм закрывания

Циничное чтиво – “Сапиенс”

Юваль Харари, автор книги “Сапиенс. Краткая история человечества”, которую мне удалось прослушать, в регулярных переездах между домом и работой.

Юваль хорошо и метко отмечает истинную сущность человека. Делает это через историю, а именно историю “достижений”. В книге возможно нет ничего нового, и нет каких-то ярких моментов. Книга это философия цинизма. То, чего не хватает нашему миру.

Идеи просты, задуматься об истинном ходе событий. Посмотреть в наши страхи, мечты, убеждения с точки зрения логики и здравого смысла. Хотя и это последнее, всего лишь призма современности, не прошлого, не будущего и даже не истинного нашего я.

Рекомендую книгу, не как источник знаний, а как спортивный зал для мозгов. Место куда можно углубится и задуматься на 1-2 недели, кто с какой скоростью читает или слушает.

eCOM360 – 2019

Briefly about eCOM360 – super! The selection of presenters is very hormonally complementary. Many interesting ideas, and ideas that change the attitude to the modern world. I will not hide, some of the programs and applications mentioned were new to me, I had to go in and check them on the Internet.

From the main:

  • watch not only for competitors
  • try to advertise humanly
  • try to create a culture of followers around yourself and your product
  • try to understand who are your customers, from what generation
  • analyze the data that is at your disposal, use the elements of AI
  • don’t drown in the world of brands
  • and also about Yandex, that he is and does not allow him to be bored with his Alice

From the rest, e-merchants eat bad and drink Red Bull, on the left and on the right, but they know how to relax to the fullest.
And also, it is probably difficult to find a conference where there will not be another discovery of Apple secrets. Although my opinion is that their success lies in consumer loans.

Search Tip: How to find information on corporate web pages?

There are situations when searching the site does not produce results, in this case, if indexing is not prohibited by the site itself, for example, by robots.txt file (here’s one of them https://www.linkedin.com/robots.txt) and by generated data on request, you can use a search engine, for example google, believe me it works much better then native one.

And what to do when there are a lot of sites and they are corporate, i.e. the only difference is in the top level domain name (.lv, .lt. .ee, ru). For such a situation, I recommend using the same convenient search engine, but supplementing the search query, for example with such a query: (by sign * – asterisk replacing domain name)

that-what-we-are-looking-for site: bureauveritas. *

So, using this search, you can fully use the full range of services provided by an international company, regardless of your location. And if the work is not performed by the local office, then they can be ordered in another country of the same company! Take care of time and money resources!

Multi-factor authentication for two most main resources (risk alarm)

It is difficult to realize, but at the moment there is an imperceptible revaluation of values. In which the mobile phone begins to play a very indispensable role. Those qualities and those properties that we use and which have been ousted from the world of things, for example, a clock, a camera, a voice recorder, a notebook, a flashlight, etc., are complemented by one very valuable feature – the authenticator.

Increasingly, and for the most part enforced, we, as users, are switching to multi-factor authentication. In addition to knowing the password, pin-code, we are required to have something. Security requires additional evidence that an anonymous user for the system is you. The system has not gone, or has not yet gone the way of identification with biometric data (and may not be able to go due to the heightened requirements of the GDPR for sensitive data — which are biometric data). More often, we are faced with the need to use a calculator, codes, code cards, enter the code from SMS and (!!!) give confirmation from a specially application on the phone.

“For me, charging a daily smartphone is a ritual that cannot be missed.”

The latest authentication tool is actively supported by banks. Google in the proposed dual-authentication conveniently used the same device. In this lie both pluses and huge minuses. The main disadvantage is the health and performance of the device. For me, charging a daily smartphone is a ritual that cannot be missed. A low battery charge is the same as an empty tank in the desert where there is not a living soul for 200-300 kilometers.

google 2 step verification, alternatives

Banks have pretty strongly established dependence on this authentication tool. But can it be considered reliable, really reliable.
Recently, a bank authenticator, which I use, has literally failed for several minutes. I certainly wanted to make a money transfer and then I remembered the code cards that were still stored in my wallet. Hurray, I thought, and … I could not move beyond the field – a permanent password. I have not used it for more than a year, changing it regularly at the request of the same bank.

“But what happens if one easy authentication fails?

Google has a number of alternatives, perhaps many of them are not reliable, but there are alternatives. Banks, for example, offer (inconvenient) calculators and convenient applications. But what happens if one easy authentication fails? While I did not find the answer, I still hope for the operability of the device and software, although from the point of view of risks this situation moves from the category of low-medium risks to non-permissible ones.

Fun as a payment for the processing of personal data

Having received today the annual report from Google according to my timeline, and I understood – the cost of one of the most expensive assets of the world – personal data, is currently incommensurable low.

And the recent scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has proved it. The users of the social network are very carefree and, most importantly, for free. In that case they opened up access to the application “This Is Your Digital Life” and shared their data with an unknown developer. Yes, no doubt he (developer) did not specify the purpose of use. But users shared info easily, quickly and massively. And at the same time they were paid for the data!

You might ask – what is this fee? It must be millions or billions of dollars divided between users? Nowadays, when a short computer cipher – gibberish can cost more than a good used car, I mean bitcoin at the peak of its popularity.

No! This fee is an entertainment, a fun, a state that passes within a minute, well, max five.

google report on my time line
My google annual report for timeline 2018

Yes, it is this “gold of the 21st century” that now spreads to the right and to the left. And I, among other things, also give this “gold” for the price of scrap metal. There is something to think about. Or rather, there is reason to think that not only entertainment should serve as a price. I use, e.g., the geo-data register for reports, and maybe I will need them for writing memor in the future. But what can you get from filling in a primitive Facebook test? Think about it. And be vigilant.