eCOM360 – 2019

Briefly about eCOM360 – super! The selection of presenters is very hormonally complementary. Many interesting ideas, and ideas that change the attitude to the modern world. I will not hide, some of the programs and applications mentioned were new to me, I had to go in and check them on the Internet.

From the main:

  • watch not only for competitors
  • try to advertise humanly
  • try to create a culture of followers around yourself and your product
  • try to understand who are your customers, from what generation
  • analyze the data that is at your disposal, use the elements of AI
  • don’t drown in the world of brands
  • and also about Yandex, that he is and does not allow him to be bored with his Alice

From the rest, e-merchants eat bad and drink Red Bull, on the left and on the right, but they know how to relax to the fullest.
And also, it is probably difficult to find a conference where there will not be another discovery of Apple secrets. Although my opinion is that their success lies in consumer loans.