Search Tip: How to find information on corporate web pages?

There are situations when searching the site does not produce results, in this case, if indexing is not prohibited by the site itself, for example, by robots.txt file (here’s one of them and by generated data on request, you can use a search engine, for example google, believe me it works much better then native one.

And what to do when there are a lot of sites and they are corporate, i.e. the only difference is in the top level domain name (.lv, .lt. .ee, ru). For such a situation, I recommend using the same convenient search engine, but supplementing the search query, for example with such a query: (by sign * – asterisk replacing domain name)

that-what-we-are-looking-for site: bureauveritas. *

So, using this search, you can fully use the full range of services provided by an international company, regardless of your location. And if the work is not performed by the local office, then they can be ordered in another country of the same company! Take care of time and money resources!

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Author: Andrejs Boka

Sales Manager @ Bureau Veritas

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