EDPB and EDPS – feel the difference

As a result of a small analysis, I discovered two sources in the field of data protection, and these are two European structures differing only in one letter of four: EDPB and EDPS, which means Board and Superviser, respectively. But it is no the sole difference.

EDPB is based on the so-called Article 29 Working Party. The results of their work consist in the interpretation of the law on the protection of personal data, previously a directive, and now a regulation known as GDPR.

A number of works of Article 29 Working Party were taken over and can be used at the present time, some of them remain historical documents. Now, for me at least, their expected documents are related to certification and codes of conduct.

EDPS is another structure that I understand provides among other functions the administration of the Board. But which in its functions also covers the work of European structures in the field of personal data security under a separate law, as well as actively follow the technologies and, accordingly, the data in the broad sense of the word, not only personal data. Here is one of the published work of this structure of Smart glasses and data protection.

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Author: Andrejs Boka

Sales Manager @ Bureau Veritas

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